Temporary Insanity

I was listening to the radio when a commercial came on for temporary car insurance. Now I may not be an educated man but it seems to me that temporary car insurance is not a very good idea. First off I am not sure how a company is supposed to make money on a temporary car. It's pretty obvious a temporary car is not meant last, otherwise it would just be called a car. Outside of that the general idea of a temporary car does not appear to very well thought out. I can see the initial draw of a disposable car, but how safe can one be if you are supposed to just set it out on the curb when done. Which also strikes me as an odd idea. How are you supposed to knew when a temporary car is trash instead of just dirty. The whole concept doesn't make any sense to me. Why have a temporary car (see here for info) and why offer insurance for it.

Did you know that you can now buy car insurance with no deposit required and monthly payments?

Alright, so I did a little research on these temporary cars and I found out some very interesting facts. One, the car is not temporary as much as the insurance on the car is temporary. Second, well really that's about it. At least that's the main one. Cars not being disposable and all. I thought something seemed fishy about a car you just threw away. I mean what if there was still gasoline inside. That could be dangerous for all sorts of reasons. I'm really glad to know that there are not a bunch of cheaply made pieces of metal being driven around carelessly.

I brought up the idea of disposable cars to my friend the other day. Mentioning the sheer insanity of trying to build a temporary car. To my surprise he ensured me this idea was not crazy, although he did tell me not to mention it to anyone. He said he'd be in touch in a few days, got up and walked out of the restaurant. I didn't think much about it at the time. He was always a little eccentric. Sure enough, by the end of the week I received a phone call from a lawyer asking me to come down to his office. Said I needed to sign a few papers. I asked what for and he told me it was to finalize the investments for my business venture.

I went down to his office and saw my friend waiting for me outside. Turns out he was in talks with a investor to start up a new enterprise. They choose my idea of disposable cars and put up two million dollars. We signed all the legal documents and shook hands. Now every week I receive a check in the mail for my contributions in creating a better tomorrow. God bless