For roundabout the 40th time today you ask yourself; why on earth did you buy a car in the first place? It's not as if you can rely on it, it breaks down more often than the old Dansette record player you bought in 1969, and it costs more in repairs and servicing than it does in petrol. Speaking of which, the price of that particular liquid now exceeds that of the purest Scotch whiskey, and to add further insult to injury insurance premium has gone up yet again! What you should do of course is returned to your old habits of walking everywhere that was within reasonable range, and catching a bus or even a train elsewhere the problem is that you have become completely attached to the idea of total mobility! Let us forget for a moment the fact that you never really enjoyed going anywhere, and that the place you work at is only a few hundred yards away, and you rarely drive at weekends anyway because you like to have a beer or two and you have no particular wish to blow into any breathalysers, thank you very much! So why don't you simply advertise the car in the local press, I accept whatever some poor deluded mug will give you and vowed never again to set foot inside one of those over expensive, unreliable machines!

Had a brush with the law? You may need banned drivers insurance now!

This feeling never lasts for ever of course and now you have to get down to the serious business of deciding just what to do about this insurance premium. You could pay it of course, if your wife is quite happy to go without any groceries this month; you could always make the free lunch that you get at the factory last all day, and the kids could have free school dinners if you put an application in quickly enough. But no, that would not do, because there would be no money left over to buy the lottery tickets at weekend, so that is a nonstarter. Will they accept monthly payments I wonder (try here)! Well, the last couple of years the answer has been yes, some of them will but there is a price to pay, as ever. The cheapest way to buy any insurance policy is to pay for it on the button, but if you simply have to pay monthly then there are companies who will accept that, but they will almost inevitably charge you interest on the money, and sometimes this interest will be quite high. On the other hand, insurance is a highly competitive business and quite a few astute insurance managers are well aware that there are millions of people in Britain who will struggle to pay their grossly inflated premiums, and quite a high percentage of them who will be totally unable to do so! This is a market which is ripe for the picking, so why not offer good terms in order to attract these customers on-board, and then we can screw up the premiums next year, in the hope that they will have got their finances into some sort of order by then? Thus does hope springs eternal in the human breast.

The government of course hopes that by allowing prices to keep on going up and up for motorists we will all decide to go back to using those same smelly busses and overcrowded trains; but we come from a pampered generation who could no longer tolerate such discomforts.


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