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So there you are enjoying your toast and marmalade with any thoughts of short term car insurance 1,000,000 miles away. Then your eldest son, just back home for a couple of weeks holiday from uni, springs it on you. He wants to borrow your spare car for a fortnight so that he can disappear off with his new girlfriend to get up to whatever young people do get up to together!

As you quietly choke over the crumbs your mind is racing. Aha! What about insurance? Of course he has a driving licence, but he hasn't driven since his last lesson three years ago! What happens if he bumps the car? How do I get on if he is pulled in by the police for driving without insurance? Nightmares of bankruptcy and imprisonment drift across your fevered brain. And then he comes out with his match winner.

'There's this website called I've seen on the web. It sells short-term car insurance so I can buy a policy for just two weeks and it's fully comprehensive cover so if I do bend your car – which I won't – the insurance company will pay for it! I can get policy organised right away, whilst you go find the car keys'.

You slumped back in your chair, defeated. This Internet thing was the spawn of the devil, nothing good has ever come from it. Kids nowadays have an answer for everything.

5 min later and your son has arranged the policy. You tried to pretend that you couldn't find the car keys but your ever dutiful wife pointed out loudly and forcibly that they were in the desk top drawer where you have kept them for the last five years. Your son pockets them without even a word of thanks and saunters out intent on a fortnight of debauchery.

Suddenly you feel very very old….

But seriously .......

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